Medwhiz is proud to announce to be the first in Medical Education Industry to bring the Digital Transformation. Medwhiz has catered contionus Medical Industry in such way where we can teach any where and as a Medical Aspirant we can learn any where , Medwhiz has not stopped the journey here Medwhiz has also introduced pre built 3D animated Audio/Visual content which is becoming high in demand and benefiting to Professor & student, These content help Medical Learning seekers to understand the theoretical concept by visualization which makes the best of its knowledge.



MedWhiz started the journey with an Advanced Learning Management System made by the doctors for the doctors, touched the Medical Institutions across Karnataka.


Medwhiz served the Karnataka Government, Asia’s biggest University for Health Sciences free of cost for continuing the Academics through a virtual platform with a history and reporting system as a result Institutions could maintain the flow of courses at the time of the Covid pandemic for which Medwhiz is being awarded for its contribution as a social responsibility.


Medwhiz has extended the journey in PAN India by implementing advanced content equipped Digital Learning Management Systems, which has brought a huge support for the Medical aspirants.

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MedWhiz wants the upcoming Medical Aspirants to get an exciting experience that is beyond their textbooks. The Virtual Teaching-Learning platforms provide unlimited access to learning content. We are looking forward to delivering a platform to encourage Students and Instructors to learn and share their knowledge. With the help of MedWhiz LMS, we are trying to fulfill the needs of modern learners.



We aim to Educate Students and Teachers about the benefits of this Learning Management System as much as possible. The importance of LMS became crucial for modern education. Hence, we believe that organizations must implement MedWhiz to achieve better learning outcomes. Our mission is to simplify Medical Studies for our future aspirants and make their future bright.

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Dr. Swapna Singh
Founder & CEO
Dr. Amit Verma
Ravindra Shukla
IT Director

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